The Urban Miner Project is a nonprofit organization centered around creating systems of recycling that can be implemented throughout the world to help with the healing of our planet while at the same time recapturing once lost resources.
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We seek to revolutionize the way the planet sees, knows, and does recycling. This will be achieved through boundless innovation, education and community action.

To create systems of recycling that will divert all electronic waste and other reusable resources from hitting a landfill.
E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and America one of the leading global contributors. We are also one of two countries that has not ratified the BAN (Basil Action Network) initiative, which prohibits countries from sending e-waste products to developing countries. Many of the countries on the receiving end of exported electronic waste are without the means to properly dispose of the many hazardous materials that come with them.

Since this issue is growing at an alarming rate, it requires action now. We plan to introduce various initiatives to improve e-waste recycling rates starting with our first initiative, The Urban Miner Club.

The Urban Miner Club is the first of its kind e-waste initiative. An education-based program, focused grades K-12 and college, that will instill the knowledge, desire, and care for a circular e-waste economy to the next generation of decision makers.

It will combine hands on, virtual reality, and lecture based elements to drive home the severity of this steadily-growing problem, and why it is important for us to act now.
the urban miner club IMPACT
Our Urban Miner Club will have a positive direct impact on the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area by reducing the overall quantity of toxic materials that end up in landfills; this will be especially beneficial for employees working at dump sites along with the many residents who live in close proximity to transfer facilities.

According to the EPA’s Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool, the entire Phoenix metropolitan area is currently in the 95-100 percentile for Air Toxics Cancer Risk. Landfilled electronics directly contribute to hazardous air pollutants when they leak toxins such as mercury, cadmium, chromium and lead compounds from being broken or improperly dismantled. These toxins also seep directly into the soil which in turn affect groundwater and local crops.

We believe that every living being deserves clean air, water and soil and we are prepared to do our part to help shift our society towards a greener and cleaner future.